The Steel Home Company is a market leader in lightweight steel construction in South Africa. With numerous successful projects in our portfolio from super structures to turn-keys, we have evolved into a corporation that is driven by excellence and success. 


Steel Home Company offers clients specialised lightweight steel services and products. We do in-house designs and roll forming of LSF frames, trusses, wall panels, flooring systems and roofing solutions for a variety of building types, such as commercial buildings; industrial warehouses; group housing; pre-fab solutions; offices; schools and clinics.


Steel Home Company employs structural engineers, project managers, operation managers, site managers, and health and safety officers to ensure the successful execution of our projects. Over the past 11 years, we have provided light steel frame building solutions to construction giants such as Murray & Roberts; Group 5; Aveng Grinaker-LTA and WILSON Bayly Holmes-Ovcon (WBHO).


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​Steel Home Company supplies a variety of products to the building industry i.e. lightweight steel trusses, light steel frame super-structures, fiber cement boards, fasteners, insulation and isolation, kit houses and sheds, as well as our unique Blue Chip Armour-Wall cladding system.


Steel Home Company has completed projects for several high-profile clients and contractors. Commercial and industrial lightweight steel projects were done for Murray and Roberts, Aveng Grinaker-LTA, Ellies, Pepkor, JHI, Mont Blanc Construction etc. 


We service clients from all over Africa from our premises in Alrode in the South of Johannesburg. All LSF designs and roll forming is done in-house at our 4000m2 facility. We also supply the LSF building industry with boards, fasteners, frames, IBR, screws, washers etc. out of our warehouse.


With us - life goes on. Steel Home Company can design and build houses that conform to the new SANS 10400 XA energy efficient building code.


Lightweight steel houses can be designed to function off-the-grid. With a combination of gas and solar electricity as well as water recycling, the green building solutions we offer are energy efficient and guarantee better insulation, less wastage on site and a cost-effective alternative to traditional brick and mortar construction.


A light steel frame home is up to 40% better insulated than a conventional brick and mortar house, 25% warmer in winter and 15% cooler in summer. The wall to wall sound transfer is up to 40% better than a normal conventional wall, and it takes a third of the time to build with light steel at an average of 10% less than conventional costs. A lightweight steel house designed and built with energy efficient products, can also save over 70% of a household's local electricity infrastructure use.

green building light steel construction
green building light weight steel construction
green building light steel construction
green building light weight steel construction
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