The CEO of Steel Home Company has been in the light steel industry since 2006 and helped introduce and establish the industry in the South African market. Since then numerous projects throughout Southern and Central Africa were done by Steel Home Company, registered in 2008. We employ expert project managers, site managers, site agents, safety officers and sub-contractors to execute each project. We also supply the building industry with light steel trusses, frames, cladding products, fasteners and insulation and isolation materials.  

Our Vision

Steel Home Company's vision is to lead the lightweight steel building industry in Southern Africa into a new era of building excellence and innovation. 

Our Mission

Steel Home Company's mission is to showcase the benefits of light steel construction compared to conventional building methods. With us you can build better, faster and more cost effective.


PPE  &  Safety


Safety and PPE are key elements in our operations. Steel Home Company complies with government safety regulations and is registered with the Department of Labour and The Compensation Commission. Every Steel Home Company project has a detailed safety file as well as a safety officer on site to oversee procedures. 


Steel Home Company has light steel roll formers that can produce super-structures of any size - from granny flats and kit homes up to industrial warehouses and superstores. We can also produce roofing solutions with open span trusses of up to 35 meters. We have the capacity to create a satellite factory to produce trusses and super-structures on site, depending on the scope of a project and client's specific requirements. This enables us to execute projects in remote areas such as neighbouring countries and Central and Western Africa. 

Steel Home Company roll forming
Steel Home Company light steel collage


Clients are kept informed regarding the progress of their project by a project manager who reports directly to the CEO. We assign several qualified Steel Home Company representatives to every job. These usually include a site agent, site manager, operations manager and safety officer to monitor our quality of work. They also see to it that deadlines are met and that projects are executed within the scope of works. A detailed record of all correspondence is kept in a project file.